Fields and Cage Policies


  • Please treat each other and all other users with respect.
  • Practices can start on Monday, but fields will at times be undergoing annual renovation. If the field is torn up etc, don’t use it. Go to an open space and work on flyballs, pitching etc.
  • The City of PA has a rain policy. Please contact the Palo Alto Field Rain Hotline to verify that the fields will be open: 650-329-2697
  • As a general rule, we do not have make-up games. If you want to use your practice session for a make-up game, and you can arrange to have an umpire, OK. No teams will be moved from their practice field for a make-up game.
  • PASC soccer will be using the far side of Cubberley for spring practice. There should not be a conflict but if there is, please notify the fields director.
  • All Cubberley fields have the same dimensions. They will be prepared on Saturday for games. Any midweek work (including raking, pitching plate reset, lining fields) is up to the division commissioners.
  • Only folks who work on the fields can drive the cart.
  • Infield sprinkler covers – need to be in place whenever PAGS is using the field.
  • Batting cage: See the section below on batting cage use


  • Only registered, insured PAGS staff (coaches & managers) are allowed to operate the pitching machine. No one else should operate the machines. Never use the machines if the ground is wet, the balls are slippery, or in any other conditions that are not safe.
    Weekdays – Batting cage usage is tied to the field practice schedule. The teams assigned to fields # 1 & 3 share batting cage #1 (the one nearest the fields), the teams assigned to fields #2 & 4 share batting cage

  • Teams sharing a batting cage slot can work out their own schedule (every other week for instance). If teams can’t agree to a schedule, the default is the teams assigned to fields #1 and #2 use the batting cage for the first ½ of the practice session, and teams on fields #3 and #4 get the last ½ of the session.
    Weekends – Batting cage usage is on a first come, first serve basis. Limit of one bucket per batter if someone is waiting, or five batters per group if all five are physically at Cubberley waiting. Please don’t use before 9AM on weekends.

  • Reservations – 12U and above teams can reserve batting cage usage on the weekends. Max reservation time is 1 hour. Must be for a team usage, not for individual session (ie time limits per girl still apply). Send a message to with your top three reservation request times 10PM on Wednesday. Reservation will be e-mailed back Friday night.
  • Leave the batting cage as you found it (balls in bucket, cages locked, machines covered with tarp, etc).
  • Leave electrical outlet covered with buckets.
  • Keep the door closed when you are using the machines
  • Have a member of the PAGS staff show you how to use the machine the first time.

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