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Guidelines for Playing Up or Down

In most cases a player will play in her own age division. For some players with advanced skills, there may be occasions where it may be a better fit to play in an older age division. And for some players, it may be a better fit to play in a younger age division. The goal is to place the player where they will both have fun playing and improve their skills, and function well with the other players on their team. We may ask players to come to an evaluation to determine their skill level for the best placement. The PAGS Player Agent will make the final determination of placement for any individual player. See our Frequently Answered Questions on our website for more information about the different divisions. Please contact us at registrar@paloaltogirlssoftball.org if you have questions regarding the appropriate division for your daughter.


(T-Ball -> Coach-Pitch)

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Introduces the sport of softball to our youngest members of our league. Players start off hitting from a batting tee, and then progress to coach-pitch during the season. Players are taught the basics of how to throw the ball, field a grounder, swing the bat and which way to run around the bases. Teams are kept small to keep things moving, and to keep the girls involved.


(Coach Pitch)

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Coach pitch (may progress to limited player-pitch during the season). Teams play their games on a real softball field (dirt infield). Emphasis on good fundamental throwing, fielding and batting skills. Everyone hits; no strikeouts. There is more consistent throwing and catching the ball in the air, and more defensive plays/outs made during a game. No scores or standings are kept.


(Player Pitch with Coach Pitch Backup)

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Mostly player pitch, with coach pitch backup (may move to player pitch only during the season). Games now have umpire, with called balls and strikes (no walks). A true catcher position (beginning) is now part to the game. More advanced rules are introduced (including stealing, sliding and bunting) and pitching development is a major priority. Scores are kept, but team standings are not.


(Player Pitch Only)

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Player pitch only (with walks). Scores and standings are kept. Some games are played against teams from other leagues. More advanced hitting, bunting and base running techniques are taught. More advanced strategies and skills become part of the game: including stealing, sliding, bunting, dropped third strike rule. Girls will generally learn more about playing specific infield and outfield positions. Pitching, and the catcher position, are very important to the game.


(Player Pitch Only)

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Most players at this level have been playing softball for several years. Generally all games are played against teams from other leagues. Win/loss records are kept. In this division the girls refine their skills and continue to learn the finer points of the game. More advanced team play and offensive and defensive game strategies are taught and incorporated into games. The goal is to get these players ready for this level of play, and perhaps prepare them for high school play.

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